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 Name  Title*    Phone Number    Email      Department, Location
 Aase, Darrin M        College of Science & Health, Lincoln Park Campus
 Aase, Gerald R  Instructor      Management, Loop Campus
 Abarca, Ruben    312/362-6906    Corporate & Employer Outreach, LOOP
 Abbate, Nancy M    773/325-7820    College Of LAS, Lincoln Park Campus
 Abbey, Steven H        College Of LAS, LPC
 Ables, Anna C  Director, Marketing & Public Relations  773/325-7938    Theatre - Dean, Lincoln Park Campus
 Abma, Katie E  Compliance & Risk Analyst  773/325-8985    Insurance, Lincoln Park Campus
 Abnee, Nina H  Professional Lecturer      Public Relations & Advertising, LOOP
 Abood, Margaret M        Planning for Equitable Urban, LPC
 Abraham, Joseph J        College of Science & Health, LPC
 Abraham, Tracy S        College of Science & Health, LPC
 Abrams, Lisa I        College of Science & Health, LPC
 Abro, Rita D        Col Of Law Academic, LOOP
 Abu-Samra, Lisa M        College of Science & Health, LPC
 Abuinnab, Rafah    773/325-4162    College Of LAS, Lincoln Park Campus
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